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Creating innovative digital experiences for digital products, interactive UI/UX and animations for marketing.

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Motion for Product

Andre Navarre is a senior motion designer specialized in Lottie and working with product makers and advertisers to deliver premium user experiences on all platforms.


Product animations for everyone, everywhere.

Get your visuals in the hands of all your users, no matter how they are seen.

Recent projects
2.4 millions users
svg animation for mobile

Animation for mobile

Character animations in Lottie (iOS/Android) for the Bankin’ app, leading the user experience throughout the app while illustrating the app’s financial planing concepts to its users.
Linkedin Top 25 startups
svg animation for web

Animation for web

Product animations to help new customers appreciate the benefits of using Alan’s digital only insurance platform.


Product & Marketing Animations

Lottie Animations for iOS/Android

Interactive Animations for Web

UI Animations for digital products

App Simulations & Product Demos

Motion Design for broadcast TV

Game Trailers and Walkthroughs

Brand & Corporate Videos

Sales & B2B Explainer Videos

Character Animations for Lottie

Animated Logos and Icons

Custom Loaders and Stickers


Step it up with Motion

Motion is an effective way to create interaction, engagement and user retention. When used correctly, it can improve user experiences and increase conversions. Andre Navarre works directly with clients and through agency collaborations, creating exciting visuals to help users learn more about their brands and interact better with their products and services.

Frequently referred to as one of the most efficient and professional Montreal motion designers working with After Effects, Andre is specialized in Lottie & Bodymovin (for web+mobile) and integrates seamlessly with in-house product and marketing growth teams to help create innovating and optimal visual experiences.

Andre has been serving a close network of forward-looking clients in publishing, gaming and the mobile space for over a decade.


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